Witch Revolution Vintage Crop


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Witch Revolution Vintage Crop
Witch Revolution Vintage Crop


"A Witches' Place is in The Revolution" vintage crop features a pentagram transposed by the transfeminism symbol.

"All people should not only be allowed to live their own lives in whichever way they choose and define themselves however they feel is right, but should also be respected by society for their individuality and uniqueness. Included is the right to individualized gender expression without the fear of retaliation...there shall be no form of authority - political, medical, religious, or otherwise - that can override a person's decisions regarding their bodies and their wellbeing, and their autonomy is fully in the hands of that sole individual." -Koyama

We are all an important and integral part of moving forward and up in human rights! 

Designed, sewn, printed and dyed by KVLT in Los Angeles, CA.


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